I created this bathroom for a couple that wanted to change their interior. The concept was to make the space more modern and minimalistic.


Here, we use materials and form to shape the room. The owner wanted to see good use of sustainable products, such as Mosa tiles and faucets from the brand VOLA.


The wash cabinet was specially designed for the client. The light is modular and has a more industrial shape, which gives the design interesting detail.




Bathroom Interior      2014






The kitchen also required an upgrade. We designed the kitchen to match with the newly renovated bathroom. The colors were kept mostly neutral with red as an accent.


We offered several solutions to fit the clients need. They did not want to renovate the entire interior, so we came up a solution that would incorporate the existing interior. We focused on the giving the clients plenty of counter space with a granite stone top for cooking and preparing meals, providing ample storage, and under cabinet lighting to help with visibility while cooking. We also included a red glazed tile backsplash to bring more interest to the room. The light is from Modular and faucet from VOLA.


Together, this combination creates minimalistic beauty.



Kitchen Interior       2014







Design by Jacobine van Beurden, the Hague