© Photo taken by : Bria Smith 2017

At a very young age I was obssessed with cartoons. In these stories, there were all sorts of different cities and houses.

I was always so curious about what these places would look like in real life. 

In my free time I began sketching them from inside to outside. 

Little did I know that this would later become a life-long passion for me.

I graduated from HMC College Amsterdam in 2011 as an Interior Advisor. After HMC, I started a new study in Belgium at Thomas More University, where I graduated in June 2014 as an interior and furniture designer. The studies learned me alote to be prepared for any opportunity and before I knew it I had a job at Puur Plus. Even as an inexperienced I managed to work along with my college's and build up knowledge to become a better designer and to adept to new opportunities. This gave me a job at Alrec where I learned to work with Programs such as Revit and 3DS Max. After I moved to Fort Worth I Got a Job at Arcturis where I learned more about How to build a strong client Relationship. I focus on Technical drawings and worked on a strong client base.

My focus is primarily based on concept designing, where I work to create a balance between using materials, colour, function and connections between rooms. The end result is intended to completely fit the needs of the client.

For work work experience and details about my studies see my Linkedin.

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